Special Offer For Dr. K Sow Workshop Participants

If you’d like to get copies of Dr. K Sow’s book, and/or some of the materials he mentioned during his workshop on August 8th, here is your chance!

We’ve been able to get ahold of a limited number of his books and have packaged it with other books that will help you grow your Shaklee business.

There are three ways you can get a copy for yourself.

The Dr. K Sow “Going The Distance In Network Marketing” book on its own.

Your cost is just $19.95 for the book, plus $8 shipping & handling. Note: He shipped a limited nuber of copies to us here in the U.S. so we are limiting it to one copy per household.

A Sampler Pack.

You’ll get one copy of each of the three books below: Dr. K Sow’s book, plus the 4-Year Career Plan and Dr. Shaklee’s Study Course in Nutrition. Your cost: $32.95, plus $8 shipping. The books alone are a $39.85 value.

The Leader Pack.

You’ll get one copy of Dr. K Sow’s book, one copy of Dr. Shaklee’s Study Course in Nutrition, plus 15 copies of the 4-Year Career Plan. That way you can start passing them out right away as you start growing. Your Cost: $99.95, plus $18 shipping. (The books alone are a $124.15 value.)

08-21-2020 – We have gone through our first order and have another on it’s way. It will be about two weeks before we receive those. We will send them in the order we receive them. Thanks!

Going The Distance In Network Marketing

Dr. K Sow

Dr. K. Sow started believing in the potential of network marketing more than 30 years ago, and is living proof that success and self fulfillment can be achieved through commitment in this industry. Starting from just a rented room and a motorbike, he knew that this was the way for him. He has devoted his energy and time to network marketing, and he is living the good life that many people aspire to have.

In “Going The Distance In Network Marketing” Dr. K Sow shows the crucial steps for effectively building and developing your Network Marketing business and the attitude and mindset of a winner. He not only provides a step-by-step guide, he also shares his secrets of success and his experiences that he has learned hands-on as he developed Shaklee’s largest group.

Four Year Career Book

Richard Bliss Brooke

The Four Year Career® by Richard Bliss Brooke is known throughout the Network Marketing community as the best “first look” for prospects … especially to build the belief of the skeptics. This compelling, generic, non-company specific, easy-to-read book is the single best recruiting tool you can use to open the door and invite prospects to just take a look.

This special anniversary edition has been completely updated and rewritten to focus on the unique challenges of today’s network marketer. In addition it contain success stories of 10 of Shaklee’s best known leader teams, plus a FREE Shaklee Bookmark that highlights Shaklee’s long history, and a Shaklee Earnings Statement for you to share.

Dr. Shaklee Study Course In Nutrition

Dr. Forrest Shaklee


“A Study Course In Nutrition” is considered by many to have originated from Forest Shaklee, D.C., D.D. It first appeared in the 1950’s as the “Little Red Book” and has provided many students of nutrition with a practical discussion of the subject.
“The subject of nutrition is so vast and complex that no human mind has ever fathomed all it’s secrets. Many of them may never be unraveled, but the basic principles are known.” This STUDY COURSE is based upon these principles, as they are known to me and to thousands of other scientists.

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1 Dr. K Sow BOOK 
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Sample Pack (one of each)
$32.95, plus $8 shipping*  – Total:  $40.95

Leader Pack (one Dr. K Sow’s book & Dr. Shaklee Study Course In Nutrition, plus 15 4-Year Career books) 
$99.95, plus $18 shipping*  – Total:  $117.95

*Shipping costs, are actually “shipping & handling.” They include your envelope, postage, a full color Shaklee bookmark, AND a Shaklee earnings statement inserted into each 4-Year Career book. You can expect your books within 5 to 10 business days.

These prices are for United States shipping.


All billing will say Altus Productions, LLC

Above is a short video from Richard Bliss Brooke on how to use the 4-Year Career book. The copies you receive will be the “Masters Edition” featuring Shaklee Master Coordinators. Each book also includes the special Shaklee earnings statement and a full-color Shaklee insert.