Pick Up A Copy (or more) At Global Conference!

We’ve had many requests to pick up books at the Shaklee Global Conference in Las Vegas, and we will have some available for purchase.  However, QUANTITIES WILL BE LIMITED.

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If you’ve already pre-ordered, you’ll be able to pick up your books from Don Sykes. We’ll be posting when and where right here on the site – just click on “Where’s Don?” at the right!

There are several reasons you might want books available to you at Convention:

  1. Canadian Distributors will save substantially by being able to carry them home.
  2. Sales Leaders can pick up books for distribution to their teams who are with them in Las Vegas.
  3. If you’re driving to Las Vegas you can save some money on books and have them available for post-Las Vegas events.

NOTE: Please fill out the form below to get notified how and where you can get your books. We’ll be able to accept CASH, CREDIT CARD, or CHECK.

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Order your books today, and they’ll be home by the time you get back from Las Vegas!

We encourage you to place your order now on our ordering page – US ORDERSCANADA ORDERS. You’ll have books waiting for you when you get home from the Global Conference.