The Four Year Career Bookmarks


Enhance your results with these custom bookmarks and earning statements

Each “Four Year Career – Masters Edition” comes with two special inserts:

. . . A full color, 2-sided bookmark outlining Shaklee’s strong heritage and some of the company’s partnerships they’ve developed over the years.

. . . A current “Earnings Statement” you can use to dedicate the type of average income that Shaklee leaders receive, based on actual 1099-MISC reports. You can use the back side for a “napkin presentation.”

If you would like to order additional sets, either to replace ones that came with your books, or simply extras to hand out to prospects, please do so below.


Order Form

Please fill in the form at right to order your Four Year Career bookmark sets.  Be sure to select your quantity under “Payment Amount.”

Note: These are replacement bookmarks NOT the books (each book is shipped with one set of bookmarks). If you need to order books, click here.

Available for immediate shipment:

25 sets = $ .70 each, plus $8 shipping & handling  . . .  Total:  $25.50
50 sets = $ .60 each, plus $10 shipping & handling . . . Total: $40.00
100 sets = $ .50 each, plus $12 shipping & handling . . . Total: $62.00

We are working on shipping to Canada, please contact us directly.

All billing will say Altus Productions, LLC