We’re holding a Wellness Workshop on Saturday, February 10th in Miami. Hosted by Presidential Master Coordinator, Carolyn Wightman, and Master Coordinator Scott Palmer, with appearances from senior leaders & special guests. Our focus will be on Family Wellness!

If you are a Sales Leader and wish to participate: 

  • If you’re a Director or above, we ask you to register with $40 so that you, and anyone in your personal organization, may attend. This supports the expenses of hosting the event for everyone’s benefit.
  • If you’re not a Director, we appreciate your registering and using their name. Contact your personal upline Director to be certain that they have registered for you.
  • If you are registering for yourself (you are attending on your own), you can register for $10 at the door.

You can make your commitment by clicking the payment button below.



If you’d prefer to pay by mail, please send us a check for $40, made out to Altus Productions, LLC to:




Altus Productions
P.O. Box 678
Tavernier FL 33070