Taking A Look: A Truly Unique Business Opportunity.

Create a stream of interested prospects for your Shaklee business with this “non-branded” video.

Imagine being able to share the above presentation with new prospects, and receive notification as soon as they watch it. It’s the perfect pre- or post- introduction to the concept of the Four Year Career, and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Four Year Career Masters Edition book. In fact, the web link is right inside the book (page 42).

It’s designed to:

  • Introduce prospects to the power of Network Marketing
  • Gauge their interest level about building a business
  • Provide some education about entrepreneurship
  • The perfect companion video for the Four Year Career – Master’s Edition

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Here’s how the program works.

Please watch the above video to learn how this program works. You can click the expand button in the corner to view it full screen

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