Join us for a Wellness Workshop on Saturday, February 10th in Miami. Hosted by Presidential Master Coordinator, Carolyn Wightman, and Master Coordinator Scott Palmer, with appearances from senior leaders & special guests. Our focus will be on Family Wellness!


Come learn proactive ways to keep your family healthy!

We all know that keeping your family healthy is vital. It ensures their well-being, strengthens family bonds, reduces the risk of illness, supports emotional and mental health, and allows everyone to lead more fulfilling lives.

Join us at our upcoming Wellness Webinar to learn more about how you can achieve Optimum Health for both you, and your family.


We’ll be talking about tips and tricks to:

  • Raise healthy families. We’ll share some ideas on how to make certain your family has a solid nutritional & wellness foundation for a long and healthy life.
  • Maintain a “fitness” lifestyle. We partner with Olympians, Astronauts & World Class Athletes. Learn how they approach nutrition in their lives.
  • Where to start? We’ll give you some great tools you can use to start on the path to better nutrition for your family.

Our speakers will be sharing information you (and your families) can rely on to be healthier and enjoy TRUE Wellness.


Workshop Time:

The Wellness Workshop is scheduled from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 10, 2024. We encourage you to come early for our “Meet & Greet” – starting at 9:30 AM.


Workshop Location:

We are meeting at the Miami Vineyard Community Church, 12727 SW 122nd Ave, Miami, FL 33186 – If this is your first time there, we suggest you plan some extra time. Even better, plan to join us for the pre-Workshop “Meet & Greet” and enjoy snacks and hospitality.


If you are a Sales Leader and wish participate: 

  • If you’re a Director or above, we ask you to register with $40 so that you, and anyone in your personal organization, may attend.
  • If you’re not a Director, we appreciate your registering and using their name. Contact your personal upline Director to be certain that they have registered for their group to include you.
  • If you are registering for yourself (you are attending on your own), you can register for $10 at the door.

Click the image above to see a copy of this flyer to share with other leaders who wish to participate. Right click to download it.

Click the image above to see a copy of this flyer to share with people you are inviting to join you. Right click to download it.